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Welcome to this short course on  ‘Ending Child Detention’.  In this course you will learn about why children should never be detained for migration purposes, alternatives to detention for children, as well as how to get involved with efforts to end child detention.

We currently have four modules available. 

Each module includes one or more presentations as well as tools and resources for you to download and use. The presentations will open in a seperate window.  Once completed, you can return to the module home page where  you will find links to additional resources and further reading.

You will need to complete each module in turn before you are able to move on to the next. You can return to review a module at anytime.

This course is designed to help you:

  1. Understand the issue of child immigration detention
  2. Identify child friendly alternatives to detention
  3. Be familiar with global efforts to end child detention
  4. Understand how to get involved with the Campaign to End Child Detention

The Ending Child Detention course should take you 60 minutes to complete in total, or approximately 10-15 minutes per module.

You do not need to complete the entire course at one time.  Instead, you can complete each module in your own time as convenient.

You can also revise modules already completed should you wish to do so.

This course is designed for professionals working in the migration sector with an interest in learning about alternatives to detention for children in particular.

This course assumes a moderate understanding of spoken and written English.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions page or if you are really stuck email [email protected] for support.