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Welcome to this short course on  ‘Alternatives to Detention’.

This course contains 7 modules.

The first module will introduce you to the concept of alternatives to detention. Subsequent modules will introduce you to and explore in detail the IDC’s Community Assessment and Placement (CAP) model.

Each module includes at least one presentation as well as tools and resources for you to download and use.

This course is designed to help you:

  1. Define alternatives to detention
  2. Understand different ways of approaching alternatives to detention
  3. Identify key arguments for using alternatives to detention
  4. Understand the CAP model

The Alternatives to Detention course should take you approximately 10-15 minutes per module, or up to 11o minutes to complete all seven modules.

You do not need to complete the entire course at one time.  Instead, you can complete each module in your own time as convenient.  You can also revise modules already completed should you wish to do so.

This course is designed for professionals working in the migration sector with an interest in learning about alternatives to detention.

This course assumes a moderate understanding of spoken and written English.

Each module of this course includes a presentation which may incorporate case studies, video interviews, short animations, and quiz questions.

The presentation will open in a separate window.  Once completed, you will be returned to the module home page where you will find links to additional resources and further reading.

You will need to complete each module in turn before you are able to move on to the next. You can return to review a module at anytime.

If you have any questions, please first have a look at the FAQ page, then email [email protected] with any outstanding questions.