This IDC Online Toolkit aims to assist civil society organisations, IDC members and governments to understand, develop and engage in alternatives to immigration detention.



The Toolkit has been developed in response to IDC member requests for information, examples and ‘how-to’ develop and use alternatives to detention.  To this end, the courses include case studies and stories from IDC members globally.



The Toolkit consists of a number of short courses, each focusing on a particular area of interest relating to alternatives to detention.  Each short course includes modules with information, case studies, examples, tools and resources, and links to further information.



Courses can be completed in your own time, though from time to time we may offer moderated courses run over a specific period of time.



Courses are currently under development and will be advertised as ready.  The first short course, ‘Case Management‘, is now available.  Advance modules for two further courses ‘There are Alternatives’ and ‘Ending Child Detention’ are also available for you to start now.

Interested persons are now invited to participate in these courses.  Register your interest here.



Courses will be available free of charge.


IDC Membership

You do not have to be an IDC member to access the Toolkit, however we encourage you to consider joining in order to stay up to date and get involved with the latest global developments on ATD.  Find out more about IDC membership here.