Lesson Overview

Welcome to lesson 2 of the ATD course, ‘Case Management’.

This lesson is designed for self-learning, however there is a discussion forum for you to ask questions and post comments.

The lesson features 7 topics, each of which contains a combination of core learning content in presentation format, written and video case studies, activities and questions to test your understanding of the material, as well as downloadable tools and resources, and external links for further information.

The first two topics provide a broad overview of case management and the use of case management in alternatives to detention, and subsequent topics explore implementation of case management in greater detail.

Lesson Objectives

By the end of this lesson you will be able to:

  1. Define case management (CM)
  2. Articulate how case management can be used as an alternative to detention
  3. Identify and explain key components of the CM process
  4. Outline the benefits of CM
  5. Differentiate between the role of case managers, guardians and immigration officers
  6. Describe 3 different CM models
  7. Outline how CM can be used to support case resolution



The Case Management lesson should take you xxx hours to complete in total.  As it is broken into a number of topics, you do not need to complete the entire lesson in one sitting, but rather you can complete each topic in your own time as convenient.

You can also revise topics already completed should you wish to do so.

This lesson is designed for professionals working in the migration sector with an interest in learning  about case management as an alternative to detention.

This module assumes a moderate understanding of spoken and written English.

Pre-lesson Quiz

Please complete this short quiz before you commence with the case management lesson topics.

Once you have completed the final topic, you will be asked to complete a post-lesson quiz before you can move on to the next lesson.

These short quizzes help us to understand your experience with and knowledge of case management prior to and after completion of the lesson, which will allow us to continue to improve the course content.

Case Management Pre-Lesson Quiz

Tools and Resources

Here you will find a compiled list of all of available case management related downloads.

Tools and resources are also categorised by topic and available for download throughout the relevant topic pages of this lesson.

If you have additional tools and resources to share, you can submit them to the IDC Detention Database.

  • Interagency Assessment & Referral Form: used by a number of NGOs in Melbourne, Australia to facilitate screening, assessment and referral to critical services for asylum seekers.
  • Case plan: form developed by Baptcare Sanctuary.  The form allows for issues to be described and prioritised, with a clear indication of who is responsible for action, and within what timeframe.
  • Case reporting sheet: developed by JRS Thailand to gather and manage data on individual cases,  keep track of issues of concern and of action taken for each individual case, and ensure regular reviews are conducted.
  • Case notes: form used by Baptcare Sanctuary case workers to keep up to date record of case developments and action taken.